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Whilst all areas of refrigeration are covered, Neptune Refrigeration prides itself on focusing on the unique challenges faced with refrigeration and air conditioning within the marine industry.

Marine refrigeration requires a specialized skill-set to result in an efficient, reliable, and cost effective system.

Regardless of the application of your refrigeration and air conditioning system, or the size of your vessel, Neptune Refrigeration will design, install, service and repair as required, and with the best possible results.

No matter what the size, brand or complexity of your system, Neptune Refrigeration will give the quality result you want.

If you’ve had your system assessed and ‘repaired’ before…repeatedly….and the problems continue, contact Neptune Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to have a technician who can truly diagnose and solve the problem take over.

Marine and Commercial

With most common brands of parts and components stocked, along with our network of reliable suppliers, our 24/7 service will ensure that any inconvenience and lost productivity is minimised. Our experienced staff will provide the highest standard of service, with quality results and all in line with your specific requirements.


  • Working on and off shore
  • Specialist marine professionals
  • On call 24/7
  • Phone 0418 825 903

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  • Highly skilled professional service
  • On call 24/7
  • Phone 0418 825 903
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